Sony XBA-1 Balanced Armature Headphones-1 Driver

rate 3.8
  • Brand: Sony
  • Category: Headphones
  • impedance (ohm): 24
  • frequency response: 5 Hz - 25 kHz

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  • Micro-size, full-range driver units deliver detailed and transparent sound reproduction
  • Double layer housing for smooth frequency response
  • Long-term comfort and natural in-ear fit
  • Noise blocking design
  • Secure fit and noise attenuation

Technical Details

Product Identifiers
Brand Sony
Model XBA-1
UPC 027242819504, 4905524747591
Fit Design In-Ear only
Earpiece Design Canal Earbud (In Ear Canal)
Sensitivity 108 dB
Frequency Response 5 Hz - 25 kHz
Impedance 24 ohms
Color Silver/Black
Features Closed Back, Noise Isolation
Connectivity Type Wired
Cable Length 3.93 ft


The Sony XBA-1 is a Single Balanced Armature Headphone armed with a full range of drivers to give you the most clear and authentic sound. Part of the new Sony XBA Series of headphones, this Sony headset is equipped with a double-layered housing that reduces internal vibrations to reproduce a crystal clear sound. This finely tuned Sony XBA-1 features a unique multiplexing system that ingeniously combines the woofer, super woofer units, and tweeter, to give you an exceptional audio quality. Experience and enjoy every single nuance in the musical composition, as well as the vocals, with this Sony headset. The noise isolation feature in this Balanced Armature Headphone prevents sound leakage and also lets you listen to your favorite tracks without any external disturbance. 


DJ "IEM Fiend" 5.0
21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
I think most of the people that have given these a bad review have never had experience with balanced armatures before. A single BA is not going to have the bass impact of a dynamic driver but the bass texture and detail is very good and its a natural sound not bloated like a lot of bass heavy IEM's.As for the mids and highs they have very good detail with a warm sound signature. The mids are a bit more forward sounding over the bass and treble so vocals really standout and sound very smooth. ... Highs are laid back and never sibilant but still have plenty of detail but lack some micro detail of other BA based IEM's like the R-50 or ER-4S.Soundstage is good with average width and depth though you still get a few out of the head sounds from time to time. Instrument separation and imaging is also good again though not up there with more expensive BA based IEM's but for what these cost they preform very well. More >
Mark "Sorokahdeen" 4.0
15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
The Good:New Technology earphones that leave the midrange intact and enhance details you might never have heard before.Compact design with many of the qualities you expect to find in higher-end, in-ear-monitors.With a Chu-Moy headphone amplifier, they are brutal.The Bad:Quiet on the iPod Touch without an amplifier.Silicone eartips that turn inside out when you pull them out of your ears.The Ugly:Chrome-on-Chrome, body design.Stupid, tangle-enhancing, cord design.The Naughty:They make you want to ... listen to "Wake up" by Rage Against the Machine again and again and again...VirtuesAt their best, the Sony XBA-1s are good, and when I write 'good' I mean they are in the same league as the Grado igis or Denon AHK C751s, both of which are star-power earbuds that started out life costing as much or significantly more than the list price of the XBA-1s and producing sound. More >
C. Nguyen 5.0
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
The built & material are really nice. I like the flat cable and metal buds. It feels great in the hand. The headphones comes with plenty of tips ( way more than other earbuds). There is no flaw that I see.The sound it gives off is really good. Outstanding mids and vocal. It makes all of your music comes alive. The bass is okay. The sound is very balanced and separated. I love this earphone, it fits my music very well. I listen to mostly string, piano and music with vocal.Make sure you ... buy from authorized dealers. There are many fakes out there.UPdate: The high could be higher. it rolls off a little bit. More >